Having difficulty is a normal part of life. Unexpected things happen and challenges or bumps in the road are all part of it. Often times it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all life has to offer. Traumatic events or emotions such as anxiety and depression can overtake the simplest of tasks making life feel almost unmanageable. In these times, the help of another person to make room for or to navigate through planned or unexpected changes in our lives can be invaluable. The therapeutic process facilitates inner change and growth; with the help of a trained professional, even the most daunting of life challenges can become easier to deal with. During the therapeutic process I will work with the tools you already have in order to tackle life’s problems. I will listen empathetically, and help uncover strengths you thought you might have lost through your challenges or didn’t even recognize before.

I believe change happens quicker in numbers. I do my best to connect clients to community resources, psychotherapy groups, or to their own families and partners in order to get to the heart of the problem and work through it effectively. I help foster communication and understanding across many different dynamics: families, couples, business relationships, parents, siblings, friends, or other communities you might be a part of. I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of the healing process in your life.

-Amber K. Jaworski